Pearl Hi-Hat H-1050

Artikelnummer: PE-H-1050

Pearl H1050 HiHat Ständer Super Pro Serie Doppelstrebige Hardware drehbares Fußteil Federspannung einstellbar Ultra Grip Flügelschrauben Eliminator Fußplatte Direkt Antrieb, Angle System

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Hi-Hat Stand - H-1050 Pearl in proud to introduce the NEW H-1050 Hi-Hat stand with advanced features and outstanding performance at very attractive pricing. Features & Benefits: NEW Footboard angle/height adjustment: Allows the footboard to be infinitely adjusted to the precise angle/height of your choice for maximum comfort and speed. NEW Traction Footboard: The same footboard used on our top-of-the-line H-2050 hi-hat allows you to tailor the amount of slip/grip of the footboard to match your individual playing style. NEW Seat Cup: Patent pending seat cup provides superior stability for precise control over cymbal action and bottom cymbal tilt. NEW Spring adjustment system: The same click-stop system used on our top-of-the-line H-2050hi-hat allows quick and positive adjustment of spring tension settings. NEW CL-300 Clutch: Provides ?triple-Lock? vice-like gripping power to withstand the heaviest playing and new locking bottom nut to keep the top cymbal securely fastened. New Die-Cast Joint w/ Stop Lock: A completely redesigned die cast pipe joint provides unrelenting grip. The Stop Lock assures rock solid performance and repeatable set-ups. New Parallel Double Braced Struts: ?Sure Struts? provide the ultimate in structural integrity to prevent lateral wobble and the inherent squeaks that may result from it. NEW UltraGrip Wingnuts and Wingbolts: UltraGrip Wingnuts and Wingbolts feature an ingenious ergonomic handle with notches that allows your drumsticks to be used for loosening if needed. Reversible rubber/spike tipped feet: Spike tips can be quickly rotated to provide extra slip-resistance when needed. Rotating base: Allows close placement of footboards in multiple pedal setups.

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